City Walk Bridge Barangaroo, Sydney – WilkinsonEyre

Christmas 2016 meant Gabi and I were heading to the southern hemisphere to visit family and enjoy some warm weather.  Whilst in Sydney I was commissioned by WilkinsonEyre to get some images of their new pedestrian bridge at Barangeroo.  The new bridge connects Wynyard Station and the new Barangaroo development.  The brief was pretty loose owing to the fact that I had a small window of time and a unpredictable weather forecast.  My first visit on Christmas day was looking promising with fine weather but within the 20 minute journey to site the clouds rolled in and a few rain showers passed over and left me wondering if I was wasting my time. I ended up spending a few hours there in between showers and fading light and got a few keepers.  My second visit after my New Zealand leg of the trip was also plagued with cloudy and dull weather.  A few hours walking around got me a few keepers before the weather really closed in and I had to pack up and call it a day.  The next day when we left Sydney for London the sun came out and it was a beautiful day, very frustrating as I knew the bridge would have looked pretty good bathed in sunlight.












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