Dleedon – ICN Design International

When I was first commissioned by ICN Design International to shoot a couple of projects on my recent trip to Singapore I had no idea I would be shooting the Dleedon project.  It wasn’t until I was properly briefed that I realized I would be shooting a Zaha Hadid designed building complex.  The landscaping scheme was designed by ICN Design International and that was my focus for the shoot but the architecture is so domineering it was impossible not to include it.  However it wasn’t too hard to concentrate on the landscaping as the project had won the SILA Awards (Singapore Institute of Landscape Architects) Gold Award for 2015.  My first stop was level 36 for some aerial shots of the central core which was a real eye opener as the views from that height were amazing.  The remainder of my time was spent walking around this huge complex capturing the landscaping – it took 4 visits in the end to capture all the different angles and elements the brief required.  I found this shoot pretty challenging and maintaining a focus on the landscaping without ignoring the overall context was quite hard.  In addition, being a fairly new complex there were not many occupants so including people in the shots was a real waiting game.  Overall I was memorized by the architecture and really enjoyed shooting for this commission.




















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