Cannasia-Cannondale Race OCBC Criterium

As usual it was fast and furious racing in the Open Mens Criterium.  The Cannasia-Cannondale guys had a huge job ahead as most of them started from the rear of the pack and inexperienced riders ahead were dropping wheels like flies as the pace was high right from the starting horn.  After a few laps three riders made it to the lead group while the remainder of the team were spread out through the chasing groups.  As the pace quickened and the light disappeared both racing and photography got harder especially due to the wet conditions and low light levels. Despite the conditions my ‘camera for the day’ the Canon 1D Mark IV was faultless and I was pretty pleased with the results and the experience would help me in the upcoming Pro Criterium later in the day. You can read the Cannasia-Cannondale race report here.

OCBC Professional Criterium 2012

Once again it was that time of year when OCBC Bank put on the OCBC Singapore Cycle 2012.  The main highlight for me was the Professional Criterium Race which attracts some of the best cyclists in the world to compete for a hefty prize purse.  This year Robbie McEwen from Green Edge Cycling was one of the favorites and he didn’t disappoint.  With a masterful display of riding he won the sprint and took home the cash.  It was a difficult evening for photography with the light conditions and the early rain but I had a great time and got to see some real pros race here in Singapore.

March 6, 2012 - 11:09 pm

Gabi - Love the sneaky shot of Robbie McEwen near the end..

Cannasia Cannondale race Sepang Criterium 2012

After a great experience at last years race the Cannasia-Cannondale Team decided to make the 3hr journey from Singapore up to Sepang again in 2012 for the Sepang Criterium.  With a few of the guys going really well and super motivated we were excited and looking forward to the racing.  The start line was full with about 200 riders but this time there were a couple of Pro teams on the line.  The boys had their work cut out for them racing against these guys.  Within the first few laps the selection was made and the remainder of the riders were left to chase the break and settle for the minor places.  Overall the team rode really well for the first race of the season albeit the punctures and the heat.

New bikes and the final turn at Sepang.

Team Cannasia-Cannondale

James Pretty (Cannasia-Cannondale) before his untimely exit due to a puncture.

Ryan Mckay (Cannasia-Cannondale)…Full gas!

The Breakaway.

The lead group with one of the chase groups in the background.

Racers take the final turn of the Sepang circuit.

Dave Gowty (Cannasia-Cannondale)

Boomrock 2012

On a recent trip back to New Zealand I visited Boomrock again.  The Fleetsafe NZ program is in full swing and they have just gone through a change of vehicle provider with Holden NZ now providing the cars.  It was a little unexpected when I was asked to come out to the track to shoot a new Holden Calais doing a few test laps and I was slightly under prepared. It was a less than perfect evening but I still jumped at the chance to get some shots.  The track is perched up on top of a large hill which is exposed to the wind in all directions but has amazing views of the Marlborough Sounds and the Cook Straight. It’s an awesome place to be as you can see from some of the images I managed to get.

Gardens By The Bay – Sneak Peak

For the past 2 years I have been documenting the progress of Gardens by The Bay, a 54 hectare garden project in the Garden City of Singapore. The project is due for completion in June 2012 but this November National Parks Board opened it’s doors for a sneak preview to coincide with the World Orchid Conference hosted by Singapore.

This ‘soft’ opening gave me the opportunity to finally capture a portion of the completed gardens. It was quite surreal composing images including layers of people on building on landscape when I had spent 2 years shooting a construction site. The addition of people adds an extra element to the shots and I enjoyed capturing the public experiencing this extraordinary place. I can’t wait to shoot the completed gardens next year. For now, this will have to do!

Welcome to the Flower Dome.

The Flower Dome with the shading deployed.

Spectacular by night as well.

Inside the Flower Dome.

View taken looking down from The Baobabs.

The Gridshell is impressive from every angle (above) and The Canopy illuminated at night.

The Main Gardens were popular.

The new addition to Singapore’s skyline as viewed from Marina East.


February 5, 2012 - 9:00 pm

Chris Code - Great pics Craig.

Tour De Bintan – Stage 3

Watching each of the categories leave the start line for Stage 3 from the side of the road was a strange feeling after being in the thick of it for the previous two ‘action packed’ stages.  I was assured my driver would be here as soon as possible but with only a 38 kilometer, relatively flat stage with an anticipated high pace I was worried I was going to miss it all.  Finally, after 20 minutes my new driver and motorbike turned up.  As we speed off it immediately became clear that this wasn’t going to be as smooth as the previous stages.  We managed to get to the final sprint point and set up position just before the Cat 1 peloton arrived and with a little coaching and encouragement my driver settled into the rhythm of the peloton for the last 15km back to the finish.

Overall I had an absolute blast on the back of the motorbike and I can’t wait to give it another go.  I honestly did miss being on my road bike and racing with the team but I did not miss all the nervousness and anxiety that goes with it.

I would like to thank Metasport for allowing me to be part of the Tour De Bintan 2011 and of course my motorbike drivers who did a magnificent job of getting me so close to the action.

Click here to visit Stage 3 gallery on my website.

The Cat 1 Men returning to the finish pass the Women’s Cat on their out bound leg.

Congratulations to Kate Poat, her first stage race and first across the line in stage 3.  Well done!

Tour De Bintan 2011 – Stage 2

Waking to a fine day on the second day of racing was a relief as it meant I would not have to flounder about trying to keep all my gear dry and shoot at the same time.  As soon as the flag dropped two riders, Ryan McKay (Cannasia-Cannondale) and Timothy Lim took a flyer off the front of the peloton. With the first king of the mountain at the 8km point, getting away early was essential to gaining early points in this competition. Sadly for them a couple of Pico Bikelabz riders bridged the gap and robbed them of the points. Unfortunately, due to an unprepared Motorbike driver, I had to leave the race at this point to fill up on petrol so I missed some potential scenic peloton shots along the resort road to the checkpoint which led the race into the ‘real’ Bintan.  After rejoining the race a break formed around the 25km mark and stayed away until the finish.  Here are some images from the day.

Click here to see additional Stage 2 photos.

Ryan Mckay drives the two man break from the flag drop.

The break is joined by one of the Pico Bikelabz riders.

Zamri Salleh (Pico Bikelabz) attacked the break to claim the first KOM points for the day.

There were numerous attempts after the first KOM to get away.

The winning break.

Tim Wilkins (Cannasia-Cannondale) rejoins after his nature break.  What a chase to get back on and I’m sure he’ll think twice about doing that again.


November 25, 2011 - 2:58 pm

Gabi - Love the close-up of Dave Christenson

Rider Portraits – Tour De Bintan 2011

After each of the stages I tried to grab some quick portraits of some of the riders.  I felt sorry for them having a camera shoved in their face as soon as they had finished racing but hey, that’s the life a cyclist, pro or not.  I took my inspiration from an amazing photographer Timm Kolln and his book ‘The Peloton’.  Up and coming cycling photographer Veeral Patel also encouraged me to get in there and get some closeups of the dirt and sweat us cyclists have to endure during racing.  I’ve intentionally over sharpened the images to hopefully bring out the pain and suffering they had to endure but most of them seemed happy to see me and gave me a smile.

Click here to see a few more portraits on my website.

November 24, 2011 - 5:16 pm

Gabi - wow. love the shot of diesel…

November 24, 2011 - 9:40 pm

Jez - Agreed – great shot of Diesel. Looks as though he’s just come up from the mines!