Tour de Bintan 2011 – Stage 1

One of my dreams as a cyclist and a photographer is to photograph a race from the back of a motorbike. In November I got the opportunity to realise this dream by photographing a fantastic little race on the island of Bintan in Indonesia. I spent the majority of the 157km Stage 1 following a breakaway of 8 cyclists from the Men’s Open Cat 1 over hills and through rain storms. It was an exciting and eventful day and after over 4 hours on the back of the motorbike I came to learn that it’s almost as tiring and painful as the actual racing! Below are a selection of my images from Stage 1.

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The Cat 1 Open men ready to roll.

The break formed early and held on to the finish.

One of many short sharp climbs the riders had to get over.

It rained early on in the race which kept the temperature slightly cooler than usual.

The constant rollers and attacks during the last few kilometers kept the break on there toes.

A great sprint finish and the pain really showed.  For some more than others as the winner was later disqualified.


November 24, 2011 - 11:33 am

Matt Calabria - Craig –

Congrats mate great shots – what a brilliant experience



Gardens By The Bay – Visit 6

September 2010 – Access to shooting locations outside of the site was impossible during the end of August, the whole of September and the beginning of October due to the Singapore Youth Olympics and the Formula 1.  Entry to all of my off-site locations were guarded and barricaded by hot and bothered security guards so all this months photos are taken from within the site boundary.

The Cool Dry Conservatory gridshell has been prepared for receiving the glass panels and installation has started at the rear and is rapidly moving forward.  Inside the conservatory the construction of the Baobab leaf, a huge Post-tensioned concrete structure floating over a 1000 Seat Events Space, is almost finished.  The cultivated world planters and viewing terraces are also well under way.

The Cool Moist mountain has reached level 5 and has continued to climb skyward.  The Contractor has obviously learnt from the construction of the Cool Dry and has started erecting the gridshell before any of the arches have been erected.

Gardens By The Bay – Visit 5

August 2010 – The Cool Dry Conservatory has progressed quickly over the last month and the final arches have been erected.  The gridshell has been completed and they have started to remove the external scaffolding. Support hangers between the arches and gridshell and the gridshell bracing are being installed on the Cool Dry.  The Cool Moist Conservatory core is rising out of the ground at an alarming rate and monthly visits don’t seem enough to keep up with the speedy rate of construction. Sandwiched between the two conservatories is the Visitor Hub area where builder’s works are moving fast, you can see the construction sequence of the fairfaced concrete elipse-shaped columns in a progression of photos below.

November 20, 2011 - 4:10 am

Chris Code - These are f*%$£in’ gud fotos Craig

Gardens By The Bay – Visit 4

July 2010 – Visit 4 proved to be very busy! The arches for the Cool Dry conservatory are almost completed and the Cool Moist concrete core has been poured up to level 4 with the formwork for level 3 slab ready for casting. The photos included in this blog are a bit more varied to my previous visits for a number of reasons, the first being that we are currently in the South-West monsoon season in Singapore and my visits were interrupted by torrential downpours! I have also decided to include some candid shots of the workers onsite as their style varies from that of Construction workers in New Zealand. In addition to my standard shots I took a trip up to the ‘Skypark’ of Singapore’s newest building, Marina Bay Sands, Integrated Resort which towers 56 stories above the Gardens By The Bay site and provides fantastic views across the site and beyond.

Gardens By The Bay – Visit 3

June 2010 – Visit number 3 proved to be a very long and hot day of shooting.  The Cool-Dry Conservatory construction is continuing to move along at a considerable rate and is proving to be a challenge to capture.  Critical locations for shooting are either inaccessible or have large machinery parked in the way.  The Cool-Moist Conservatory is also now starting to take shape and come out of the ground.  The main core is well under way and the concrete shoes for the arches are being cast.

Gardens By The Bay – Visit 2

May 2010 – As you will see from the images below the Cool-Dry Conservatory construction is progressing extremely fast.  More arches are being erected every week.  The gridshell, which is a self supporting structure, can be seen behind the white, unpainted arches.  The red structure is called a ‘crash deck’ and is a temporary structure to support the arches and gridshell during erection.  This is a major piece of engineering on it’s own.

Gardens By The Bay – Wilkinson Eyre Architects – Singapore

April 2010 – I have started documenting the construction of two large conservatories designed by UK Architects, Wilkinson Eyre Architects.  They form part of the new Gardens By The Bay development in Singapore.  Each conservatory has it’s own role to play in the scheme of the entire 54 hectare garden at Marina South.  The cool-dry conservatory will explore issues related to plants and people, whilst the cool-moist conservatory will focus on plants and the planet.

The Cool-Dry Conservatory under construction.

November 16, 2011 - 1:36 am

Chris Code - Excellent Craig!

Winifred Ella Hope

Our close friends Victoria and James Hope welcomed wee Winnie into their little family on 1st September 2011. I was asked to shoot Winnie when she was only 3 weeks old, before James’ fears are realised and she turns into a ‘giant baby’, so that Victoria and James could share their little bundle of joy with all their family and friends across the seas.

We had a little bit of trouble getting some of the shots Victoria and James wanted as Winnie is still so small but I hope you’ll agree that overall we got some memorable shots that capture Winnie in her newborn state and can be treasured and enjoyed by the Hopes and their family and friends for years to come….until they can be unraveled again at her 21st!


October 6, 2011 - 2:12 pm

Gabi - I love the one of her with the Hungry Caterpillar!! And the colourful pictures really capture the Hopes!

October 6, 2011 - 9:46 pm

Tristan - Nice photos. I like the black and white one where Hopey is dressed up as a French fashion designer.