Cyclone Race Series 2011 ~ Changi Series 2 ITT and Road Race

The Changi Series 2 consisted of an Individual Time Trial (ITT) early on a hot Sunday morning followed by a mass start Road Race a couple of hours later.  Held on the infamous Changi Straight, a piece of road that runs the length of Changi Airport runway, it is about 5-6km of straight, boring tarmac.  I turned up just in time to photograph the only two Cannasia-Cannondale riders competing in the ITT as the rest of the team had decided to save their legs for the Road Race.  The OCBC cycling team were the dominant force taking the top two places in the Mens Open. Siw Haller of ANZA cycling easily took out the womens race.

The Open Mens road race was fast and furious with riders trying to get away, only to be chased down time and time again.  It wasn’t until the 3rd lap a break finally got away and managed to stay there for a couple of laps before being reeled in with one lap to go.  After constant attacks during this last lap it came down to a bunch sprint and Ed Ayres (ANZA Mavericks) emerged from the final hairpin turn in front and managed to hold off the charging peleton to win.

The Womens race was dominated by one rider, Christina Liew Gin (Joyriders).  She rode most of the race by herself off the front with the remainder of the women chasing. After a gallant effort by the women to bring Christina back to the peleton she got away again and stayed away to take the win.

Pain and suffering seemed to be a theme amongst the riders.

Some riders looked smooth and in control just like Tim Wilkins of Cannasia-Cannondale.

Peter Toth, quite possibly the tallest ITT rider I’ve ever seen.

Megan Kinder looking right at home on her TT machine.

Open Mens Road race.

Cannasia-Cannondale controlling the peleton.

The break went out to about 50 seconds before the peleton brought them back.

The Womens race was dominated by Christina Liew Gin. The remainder of the women were left to duke it out for the minor placings.


Sabah – East Malaysia

After planning this trip more than 3 times Gabi and I finally made it to Sabah, East Malaysia.  Kota Kinabalu was our first stop and from there it was over to climb Mt Kinabalu and then onto the Sepilok Orang Utan Sanctuary before returning for a rest at a nice beach resort just north of Kota Kinabalu.

Sunset over Kota Kinabalu from Signal Hill.

We discovered some interesting architecture whilst exploring Kota Kinabalu including the oldest standing structure in Sabah, the Atkinson Clock Tower. It has survived the destruction of Jesselton town, now called Kota Kinabalu, during World War II and is a wooden structure built in 1903 with no nails.

The mighty Mt Kinabalu with it’s summit at 4095.2m above sea level. It took us 4hrs hard slog to reach the over night stop at Laban Rata in the bottom right picture.  Laban Rata is the white speck just above the vegetation line in the top image.

An amazing sunset seen from Laban Rata heli pad at 3273m above sea level.

After a chilly trek to the summit, it seemed we were in luck with clear skies for the sunrise.  However, the mountain had different ideas and as the sun came up the mist rolled in and visibility was restricted to only a few hundred feet.  Once we started descending the low clouds disappeared and some of the peaks became visible. The top and right image are of South Peak (which can also be seen on the Malaysian 1 Ringgit note) and the middle image is Donkey Ears peak.  The left hand image is what can only be described as an endless steep rock ramp.  It’s difficult to comprehend how steep and vast this area was so I tried to give the image some scale by including the people in the shot.

And finally we got to see some wild, or should I say rehabilitated, Orangutans in their own jungle environment. I also managed to get a couple of close up shots of a cheeky Macaque monkey who decided to play havoc with the tourists.  He could see his reflection in my lens, so he looked right down the barrel for me.

Overall, we had an adventurous and educational trip to Sabah. It’s a great place to visit, the people are friendly and helpful and I would highly recommend it.


August 16, 2011 - 1:53 am

Nigel Code - Hi Craig
These are really great images of Sabah.

August 24, 2011 - 10:11 pm

Gabi - amazing pics from an amazing trip – well captured xx

Singapore Road Cycling Nationals 2011

The Singapore Road Cycling Championships were held over the weekend of 25-26 June 2011. Due to illness during the lead up to the race I couldn’t compete. I was a little disappointed but it did mean I could shoot instead.  Once again Team Cannasia-Cannondale had entered a well prepared team of various strengths and were looking for the win in the Elite Men’s cat.  Gabi was on her own in the Elite Women’s cat and she had her work cut out for her as her main competition consisted of three of the best women cyclists in Singapore.

The Individual Time Trial was held on the Saturday and the Road Race on Sunday.  Rob Hensby was the only Cannasia-Cannondale member to race the ITT but he put in a huge effort to come home 4th whilst trying to save his legs for the road race the next day.

Cannasia-Cannondale had a tough job ahead of them in the road race with two or three other teams looking for the win.  As usual, the OCBC boys attacked from the gun and kept this up the entire race.  Cannasia did a sterling job covering most of these attacks and continually showed a strong presence at the front of the peloton controlling the race.  With about two laps remaining Tim Wilkins and a young OCBC rider took advantage of a lull in the pace and attacked.  With a surge of speed the two riders quickly gapped the peloton and raced away to the finish.  Tim used his road racing experience to out smart the OCBC rider to take the win.

Gabi rode intelligently and saved her legs for the final sprint finish.  With Dinah Chan and Serene Lee pulling away from the peloton in the last 500m it was up to Gabi to sprint for 3rd place.  She crossed the line with ease a couple of bike lengths ahead of her competitors.  Overall a successful day for Cannasia-Cannondale with a 1st and 3rd placings.

You can read the race reports here. and

Rob giving it his all in the ITT.

Tim making the young OCBC rider earn his National Champions Jersey.

Tim Wilkins takes the win.

Here are some of the other champions: Matthew Kinch (Sport), Anders Jarfors (Masters), and Dinah Chan (Open Women)

Pete ‘Petal’ Bennett finished his race a bit worse for wear.  He landed on his head in a flower garden during a pile up on the last corner.  But he still finished! Well done Pete.


12 hr Mountain Bike Marathon

Tampines Mountain Bike Park hosted the Dirt Traction 12 hour Night MTB Marathon.  The race started at 5pm and ended 12hrs later at 5am.  Having at least 2hrs of daylight provided all riders with a last minute look at the course before it got dark and although the course was not technical it was good to refresh the memory.  However, with ground water seeping to the surface from a day of rain the back end of the course turned into a mud fest and challenged even the most technically proficient riders.

Team Cannasia-Cannondale had a number of riders entered right across all the race categories.  We even had a few of the Roadies sneak out for some off-road action.  The team had its hopes pinned on the two men’s duo teams and two of the solo riders.  Unfortunately a botch up at the start of the race with track marking sent the lead riders, including 3 or 4 Cannasia riders, the wrong way and in turn put them way behind their competitors.  This ensured a long night ahead.  As 5am rolled around Cannasia had recovered and managed to get on the podium again.  Our solo rider Shahrin Bin Amir rode brilliantly to come home first in the Open Mens Solo, the two Mens Duo Teams came in 2nd and 3rd and the biggest surprise was the Mixed Quad finishing 1st.

In the main image above, the “Red Mist” had descended on Tim Wilkins after the initial race start botch up.  No. 75 Shahrin Bin Amir settled into his rhythm early on.

Gabi’s facial expression is priceless! Lower right.


August 24, 2011 - 10:13 pm

Gabi - I’m Not sure I approve of the one of me with ‘the face’ but fab pics all the same – I love the last one. How do you get time to race (for first place) and take great pics?!

Ketam 4hr MTB Enduro Race

Located around the edge of a quarry on the island of Pulau Ubin, a five minute bumboat ride from Changi point ferry terminal is the Ketam Mountain bike park.  The park played host to the Ketam 4hr Enduro MTB race and the Cannasia MTB team had 3 individual riders and 2 Mens Duo Teams entered.

Cannasia had a very successful day with Shahrom Bin Abdullah proving to be the strongest of the individual riders over the 4hrs and Nathan and Fraser came 2nd in the Mens Duo competition.  It was a real mixed bag of competitors and here are a few images from the day.

Cannasia MTB racing weapons.

Cannasia-Cannondale: Tim Clarsen

I’m currently working on a small project to document some of my team mates in our road cycling and mountain bike team Cannasia-Cannondale.  First up is Tim Clarsen.

Tim was the joint leader of the team but has recently moved to Norway with his family – I managed to squeeze in a shoot just prior to him packing up his bikes and heading off.  Tim is a very talented rider with years of experience both on and off the road, having raced in many countries around the world.  This experience enabled him to lead the team through training and ultimately onto the podium many times.  Some recent results include 1st Masters Men OCBC Criterium, 1st Open Men Cyclone Race Series Road Cycling Ranking and 1st Open Men Cyclone Series Mountbatten Criterium.  We’ve already heard he has had a couple of real “leg busters” in Norway, so here’s hoping he gets his climbing legs back real soon.

Tanglin Halt Criterium

The Tanglin Halt Criterium was the first cycling event in the 2011 Dirtraction Cyclone Race Series held here in Singapore.  Finally a circuit that resembled the type of club criteriums I’m used to racing back in New Zealand.  Clear skies and a dry track ensured a great turn out for the event and some great racing as a result.  I only had time to shoot the Masters Men and the Open Women’s races due to my own race schedule.  The new ANZA Racing team “The Mavericks” controlled the race from the start, however a last minute attack on the back straight of the last lap saw the Mavericks pipped at the post by Life Extensions and Pico Bike Labz riders. The Open Women’s race was quickly reduced down to 5 riders consisting of 3 Pico Labz girls, one ANZA rider and our only Cannasia-Cannondale female rider, Gabi. The Pico Labz girls did their best to attack Gabi over 39 minutes of racing but she held on to place second on the podium with Megan Kinder taking third in her first criterium event for ANZA.  Here a few images from the racing.

April 8, 2011 - 10:48 am

Adam - Shep, I’ll have to buy that from you! Adam

Bamber Miller Architects

Bamber Miller Architects were commissioned to renovate this Victorian ground floor flat conversion in August 2010.  The client purchased the property in North West London after being charmed by its character and southerly orientation.  The Architects saw the potential for maximising space and light in the two-bedroom flat by looking towards Scandinavian interiors and traditions for inspiration.

The former separate living and kitchen areas were opened up to create one open plan room with direct access to the garden via the kitchen rather than the living room and a utility space was created off the entrance hall to maximise the kitchen capacity.

A simple palette of materials and finishes was chosen to enhance light infiltration and reflection within the spaces, providing a fresh backdrop to the client’s furniture and ornaments. Bleached floorboards and light coloured walls provide a sense of fluidity whereas the white high gloss cabinet doors and polished chrome fittings help to bounce light off the surfaces.

Single glazed timber and steel framed doors and windows were replaced with double glazed timber framed units to help improve energy performance together with other low energy interventions.

The works were completed in January 2011.  Email for any inquires

March 31, 2011 - 10:39 am

Gabi - what a charming home….so simple, yet efficient and homely.