Queensway – Ayre Chamberlain Gaunt

I was excited to head down to Southampton to shoot a near complete residential housing project for ACG Architects.  I had a quick drive down the M3 to meet Dominic (Gaunt) and get the shoot under way.  When I arrived there was quite a bit of construction equipment and paraphernalia lying around which meant we were delayed for an hour or so while we all pitched in and cleaned up the site.  It was a beautiful day so I really wanted to get started and make the most of the blue skies.  I even ended up getting Dominic and a stranger to model for me in a few shots which was a bit of a laugh.  As I followed the sun around the building the sky really came alive and produced some really funky cloud formations which I was pretty pleased with.  After a long afternoon of shooting (and a lot of waiting) the sun finally started to set and I resumed shooting to get some dusk shots which turned out really well.  Overall it was an interesting project to shoot and you can see some of the results below.

















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